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“I highly recommend Anne Crowell of Pegasus Saddlery for your saddle fitting needs. Anne’s relaxed sales style places the horse and rider at ease. Additionally, Anne is tremendously educated in Physics and Biomechanics, which plays an integral part in proper saddle fit!”


Jontelle Forbus of Equine Associates, LLC, FEI Dressage Rider and Trainer
















I am a Grand Prix Dressage rider and trainer. I train horses from young horse up to Grand Prix.  The longer I ride, the more I learn.  And one thing I know for sure is that the fit of a saddle is crucial to not only performance, but to a happy healthy horse. I have worked with many saddle fitters and been so frustrated that some only look at what the saddle looks like on the horse. Only a static fit. They make up their mind and try to talk you into it. 

Many saddle fitters do not LISTEN to the rider who knows the horse better than anyone. They will tell you "they'll get used to it". Hopefully the rider is listening to their horse and advocating for him.  I have trusted my horse's clear communication over what a saddle fitter says time and again. I kept thinking, "this shouldn't be so hard."


Then I met Anne Crowell of Pegasus Saddlery and Biomechanics. She LISTENED to me and she also believes that the horse's desires trumps all. The horse will tell you when it is right.  Anne watches the horse and rider move under saddle and has a great eye.  She has NEVER pushed a sale on me, EVER.  If I feel something is off or my horse is not happy, then there is no hard sale. If it is not the right saddle, then it is not right. Listen to your horse. She works with me to find the perfect fit so my horse is happy and elastic and swinging in her back. 

Anne introduced me to Veritas Saddles and my FEI horse Lydia is soooo happy!  And so am I! And bonus... it fits me perfectly as well, and is probably the most comfortable saddle I have ever ridden in. Its a two tone black and brown saddle with patent leather detail and gorgeous on my chestnut horse!  I love just looking at it!

Anne fit the saddle to my horse. Watched me ride in it.  And let me take it on trial. Well, what do you know!  Not hard at all!

Thank you Anne for finding me the perfect saddle and truly caring for my horses.  I hope we do you proud!

Kim Schmidt                                                                        


About a year ago, I decided I needed a new dressage saddle. I had been riding in a TC and finally realized it wasn't going to fit my horses the way I wanted. I called out Anne Crowell, as I had met her at the clinic with Mary King that was held in Virginia. She found me a used Frank Baines that was within my budget. My mare went extremely well in it, and after riding in it for a few months I decided I needed to ditch my TC jumping saddle as well. Being a bit spontaneous, I decided to try a Kontact Lite and a Revelation cross country saddle at the William Fox Pitt Clinic in Virginia this past autumn. Well, from moment one my grey mare went fabulously in the Revelation. She immediately relaxed her back and opened her stride. During the clinic my 18 year old gelding, who tends to jump a bit hollow and flat, nearly jumped me clean out of the tack in the Kontact lite. The following week, Anne was out at my farm and I ordered the Revelation. 

 I was now addicted to Albions. Anne convinced me to try to the Revelation dressage. It was nothing short of a miracle. She immediately lifted her shoulders and straightened out her head and neck. I was having problems with her wanting to curl and duck behind the vertical or cock her head to the side. It turns out she was just uncomfortable in her saddles.

   From a horseman's perspective, Albions are made with the equine athlete in mind. They also put the rider in a good position. I haven't sat in a saddle like this in a very long time.  My horses in my barn will ALWAYS go in Albions and with such a talented fitter like Anne, I know they will always be comfortable as well. 

Jenna Calcaterra.
















After several months of spending hundreds of dollars paying for the advice of 4 different saddle-fitters and for the shipping of numerous test saddles sent out for my event horse, we felt that we were at a loss.  I was convinced that our saddle search would never end.  My horse, Wilson had been deemed “difficult to fit” by other saddlefitters because of his large shoulders and high croup.  We were no closer to getting a saddle than when we started. I was frustrated with my riding and Wilson was very back sore and had transformed into an irritable horse as a result of his back pain.

Then we found Anne Crowell’s website.  We asked her to come out and fit my horse for both a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle.  Anne came with many dressage and jumping Albion and Custom saddles to try.  From the pictures I had sent her, the first four saddles Anne put on Wilson’s back all fit.  It was amazing! Anne carefully evaluated each saddle’s fit and answered my questions very thoughtfully.  She watched me ride in each saddle and took the time to ensure that both Wilson was happy, moving forward, and balanced and that I was comfortable and happy in the saddles as well.  My trainer and I were pleased with how well my horse was moving!  Even others at the barn commented on how much happier Wilson was. 

I would highly recommend Anne as a saddlefitter.  She is knowledgeable, honest, and down to earth.  She clearly has the rider and horse’s best interests at heart and unlike so many saddlefitters and saddle dealers, she will not force you to buy a saddle nor make you spend unnecessary amounts of money in the process.  Because of her, I now have a happy horse, who is performing better than ever and I can now ride guilt-free and focus on my riding.  My only regret is that we didn’t find Anne sooner.  But now that we found her, we will never use anyone else.  THANK YOU ANNE!

Colleen O’Connor and “Wilson” aka Tequlia Noches



Anne is really a great saddle fitter, she is honest, accurate, and clearly knows what she is doing. My 6yo OTTB mare was only green broke before she fractured her hock and 7 months of lay up, and then we couldn't find a saddle that fit. Other fitters were very biased towards their brands and honestly didn't seem to have much of a clue as to what they were doing. My horse had a history of abuse before I got her and still being very green, can get very hot under saddle. Anne was not phased by this in the least and took her time showing the saddles and making sure that my horse was comfortable and not stressed out throughout the process. The one saddle (name omitted) took on trial from her did not fit my horse although we thought it would, but Anne was great and honestly told me that the (name omitted) I liked better and had gotten from a different fitter was probably a better match and was a great fit. I ended up ordering a Custom dressage saddle from Anne, and she let me ride in it twice and was very knowledgeable about tweaking the fitting just enough so it would end up being a perfect fit for my horse. I would highly recommend Anne because she has a real eye for finding the correct saddle and pin pointing which areas of the particular horse may be a problem for fitting. She instantly pulled out more saddles that fit my horse than in the entire time I had been looking for a saddle! Thank you Anne!!

Have a great week!




"I literally almost cried tears of joy. Thank you so much for coming back and letting me try those saddles. I have never had him feel like he did in the second saddle. It was incredible and I assume will only get better over the next week." 



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