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Albion Saddlemakers:  Made to the highest standards in Walsall England, Albion provides top of the line

fitting solutions for the most demanding riders.

Albion saddles have been continually developed over 25 years and are now recognized as one of the worlds leading saddle brands. The design and engineering of the product, sets it apart from all other competitors, and the quality and quantity of professional riders throughout the world proves that the ‘science of feel’ really brings superior results.

"For a perfect performance all things need to be perfect."

Klaus Balkenhol

Longtime leader in innovative sheepskin saddle pads, E.A. Mattes has united the highest quality sheepskin with technical features that are unparalleled.Designed for the utmost in comfort for the horse, Mattes boasts the most useful Correction System available- tested, tried and true.  In addition to pads that are problem solvers, Mattes has added a line of girths that have thoughtfully addressed a number of conformation issues that affect saddle fit.  Add to this an array of custom colors, ear bonnets and other items, Mattes products are a must!

veritas logo1.JPG

After more than 18 years of involvement with design and saddle fitting, Veritas was born with an eye for quality and detail.  With a focus on craftsmanship and ergonomics, the saddles are designed to allow both horse and rider to reach their fullest potential. All Veritas saddles are meticulously crafted by hand in England.

                                                    VERITAS Saddles ... For a true fit

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